Smurk Creative Screen Printing


On demand printing isn’t the most cost effective option for high volume / bulk orders. However, our Screen Printing service is perfect for just that and it allows us to print those 1 – 6 color designs more effectively and efficiently.

  • Low minimum Of 36 Pieces Per Design
  • Water-Based & Discharge Inks
  • Spot Color & Halftone Printing
  • Perfect for 1 – 6 color designs
  • Custom Tag Printing & Print Locations Available By Request

To view all of our screen printing requirements, please visit our online support center for more information.

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Due to the the nature of our screen printing process and the amount of options we have to produce your order (Inks, Process, Etc..) we decided to start all screen printed orders by custom quote. To get started, please click the “Request A Quote” button below:


Water Based Screen Printing

Our water based inks are environmentally friendly and give off a super soft hand, which makes them perfect for apparel printing.

  • Super Soft Feel
  • Breathable & Lightweight
  • 80%-100% cotton garments are preferred
  • Requires a underbase print on dark garments


Discharge Water-Based Ink

Instead of laying ink directly on top the garment like traditional screen printing methods, our discharge inks essentially dye your artwork directly into the the fabric which leaves your garments feeling super soft.

  • Super soft vintage style print
  • Breathable & Lightweight
  • 80%-100% cotton garments preferred
  • Requires no underbase print
  • Not ideal for Pantone color matching


Check out our online support center which is packed with great articles geared towards getting you started with San Diego Print House. We also listed our top FAQs but if you still can not find the answer to your question , be sure to submit a support ticket and one of our account managers will be happy to help.

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