DTG Printing


Print Overview
  • No minimum quantity or setup fees
  • Print simple 1 color designs or full color designs up to 12″x16″
  • Print on both light & dark garments (100%+ Cotton Garments Recommended)
  • Super soft & eco-friendly water based inks (Offers more of a vintage look)
Artwork Specs
  • RGB Color Space
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • Artwork should be uploaded at desired print Size (Ex: 12″x14″, 10″x12″, etc…)
  • If printing white in your design, the color white in your design needs to be set  at “R=254 B=254 G=254”. If you leave the white in your design as “R=255 B=255 G=255”, then our printer will not recognize it
  • Prints on white garments will not use white ink or have a white underbase